Sunday, August 3, 2008

Try, Try, Try Again

Hello again,

I realize that I have not commented here in quite some time. In fact, I haven't written since actually moving to DC, which I think was the entire point of founding this blog.

Life in DC is going well but I now lack the foundry of a professional wordsmith. Working to mold ore with homemade tools has been done before, oft with great skill, but it takes more time. I have to recall how to speak with my own voice rather than telling the stories of others.

That said, if you would like a great bit of news commentary I highly recommend checking out this morning's episode of Meet the Press. The argumentation between John Kerry and Joe Lieberman was hilarious, if only for the body language. Tom Brokaw is typically a great moderator but seemed unable to get a word in over Kerry's ceaseless babble.

I know this post still isn't giving you anything you couldn't get elsewhere. Its just too nice for me to be typing right now.

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