Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The FSP was unclear even to its planners

The Washington Post reports today that the administration's financial rescue plan, the Financial Stability Plan, underwent large changes in the 11th hour before Secretary Geithner's speech last week.

While NYT columnist Paul Krugman is at least encouraged that Geithner was able to take the lead in changes, I'm more concerned about the continued vacuum left by Treasury's vague plan. The WaPo story includes a series of rhetorical questions, all of them reporters would surely enjoy answering. The lists inclusion leads me to believe not that The Post is slacking but that Treasury simply has no clear answers.

From The Post:

But there were multiple complications: How much government financing would be needed? What other incentives would be needed to get private firms on board? Where would the government get the money? What assets would the fund buy? Would the government have a say in which banks they're bought from? Might there be more than one fund?
If only Treasury had some place where it had told people to go for information. Oh wait, it's still just a test page.

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