Friday, May 21, 2010

Mourning Becomes Debt

So far this blog has been silent on the Greek debt. This first foray into the crisis let's me put the part of me that remains a disaffected English major to use. More rigorous analysis will appear in forthcoming posts.

In the heart of the Great Depression, there was a brief resurgence in American interest in Greek tragedy. Unhappy to simply play out classical drama Americans instead made the classics our own, such as the epic reimagining of the Oresteia set in the Civil War. The Americanized version is unsurprisingly bloodier, rougher, and much, much longer (running at over four hours, even after significant cuts). As Greece now plays out a debt tragedy, America is on course to repeat it’s Depression era mimicry by laying the groundwork (as I've written about previously) for its own debt crisis: one, like it’s theatrics, sure to prove more grueling and protracted than Greece’s.

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