Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Financial Stability Has Arrived

Well, the government website at least has. The long awaited financailstability.gov has come to be a full site similar to recovery.gov.

The nicest feature of the site so far is the ability to download into Excel the full listing of money given out through the Capital Purchase Program that was announced in October and that began work in February. There have been 519 actions under CPP as of March 20 (the latest report).

Below I've listed the top 10 recipients under CPP. It's not a sup rising list.

Amount in Millions of US$

More surprising is how ubiquitous warrants have become. The CPP requires the Treasury to take warrants, essentially a future option to buy stock, as a guarantee for all transactions of more than $50 million. Of the 250 transactions below that threshold, only eleven have given the government only preferred stock with no warrants.

More on CPP in the near future.

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